The Amadeus EP

by Candysound

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Praise for The Amadeus EP:

"...they have a powerful sound and a real ear for catchy hooks. “Turned In” roars in the swinging 6/8 choruses. “August” waxes poetics about summer nights. “We Don’t Try” is the highlight of the EP, as the guitar is fuzzy, ambient, a wash of sound that evokes a revitalized Pixies or Sunny Day Real Estate with some Slowdive thrown in. “Summary” is a more straight forward rocker. These guys have serious chops. They are probably the best Washington band you haven’t heard of. They spent their formative years listening to some sick bands." -LifeAfterNirvana Blog

"This four-song album, The Amadeus EP, captures the travels and experiences of modern day Bellingham rock stars during an August road tour. The aptly named first track, “August”, is a free-floating road trip friendly song you can almost see the asphalt roads streaming by as you listen. Stick around for the second track, “Turned In”, which starts out like a psychedelic Steve Miller Band song, and then moves into a catchy melodic chorus. With hooks as addicting as top-forty pop, yet dusted with a raw, raspy quality, Candysound offers the perfect blend of chill-out music infused with manic guitar excellence. Track three, “We Don’t Try”, is what I can only describe as a love child between the ambience of Washed Out meets The Black Keys. The vocals sound distant, almost like you’re hearing a concert from across the bay. It’s the kind of music that takes you to the brink of a zombie state, and then startles you out of your daydream. The album finishes strong with the complicated song “Summary”, which is a compilation of chaotic guitar, persistent percussion, and faded-out vocals. Overall, The Amadeus EP is inspired, and takes the listener along the highways of the glittering west coast in a dreamy, yet raw state. Candysound has indeed traveled both physically and musically for this album, and it definitely shows." -Abbie Glick, What's Up! Magazine

"Details matter. When there are too many of them, they distract the attention, when too few, the result is austere. These songs are elaborated, however, they do not fall down under the weight of their own complication. Contrarily, they can breathe and show off with ease bits and pieces from the heap it is constructed from. A simple complexity with a sense for detail." -Alternator: The Alternative Music Blog


released June 12, 2011

This EP was written and recorded between tours in our practice loft and various houses during the winter of 2010 and spring of 2011. Special thanks to Wesley Williams for engineering this project during those months.

All songs by Candysound:
Jesse Cohen - bass.
Tom Fitzgibbon - drums, percussion, & voice.
Teo Crider - guitar & voice.

Ryan Ohlemeier (Strangeland) - album artwork.
Wesley Williams - recording & mixing, additional guitar on "Summary."

The lyrics at the end of "Summary" were inspired by an unreleased Great Wave's track, "A Quiet Town".



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Candysound Bellingham, Washington


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