Only at Night (Single)

by Candysound

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Praise for "Only at Night":

"Candysound somehow strikes a warm, comforting balance between jaunty and subdued, like Bloc Party chilling way out or Vampire Weekend on downers." -Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses

"The result is a charming track with jangly guitars, mellow pop undertones, and the ethereal vocals of your iPod’s most-played shoegaze." -Chloe Hoy, The Permanent Rain Press

"Will someone please teleport me to the West Coast on a sunset-lit beach with huge speakers playing Candysound’s sweet jam? Would definitely take anyone up on that offer." -Adam Mullins, Cup of Chords

"Teo is an unbelievable songwriter, but this new release is above and beyond anything the band has released previously (still acknowledging that 'Past Lives' and 'Now + Then' are Bellingham classics)." -Hayden Eller, What's Up! Magazine


released September 9, 2016

Written by Candysound:
Brendan Silk: bass, voice.
Erik Wallace: drums.
Jesse Cohen: guitar.
Teo Crider: guitar, voice.

Recorded summer 2016 at Shibusa Sound, Bellingham, WA.
Produced // mixed // mastered by Erik Wallace.



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Candysound Bellingham, Washington


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Track Name: Only at Night
there are tiny texas townships
thirty thousand feet below me
i can see the city limits
through the darkness they've been glowing
moving faster with every mile
when tired eyes are always smoking
but in these skies we follow memories
i'm tracing maps and always counting

only at night i see
i'm chasing the sun
to bring you back to me

i had a dream there was a house built
on an ocean of green and blue
and it's walls we found you singing
songs of carolina too
but when i awoke i was mistaken
but you'll always be around

only at night i see
i'm chasing the sun
to bring you back to me